Understanding Solid State Drives

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Solid state drives or SSD’s have slowly been taking over the duties that previous Hard disk drives or HDD’s. But most consumers wouldn’t know the difference other than knowing that SSD’s are much faster and are the new tech in storage drives. But how does SSD really work? Here are some things you need to […]

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How to Choose a Gaming LaptopĀ 

Many gamers are now increasingly choosing playing with a gaming laptop rather than a desktop rig. Although the gaming desktop PC may still be considered more powerful performance-wise, gaming laptops are not that far behind in terms of specs. What’s more, they are more portable, allowing gamers to bring them practically anywhere. If you wish […]

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Razer Introduces The New Blade Gaming Laptop

When it comes to gaming laptops, certain manufacturers are better at the job than the others. Some manufacturers like Razer even focus on developing more and more powerful laptops specifically designed for the avid gamer. The company has recently launched a new gaming laptop with its new Razer Blade notebook.6th generation The new Razer Blade […]

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