How to Choose a Gaming Laptop 

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Many gamers are now increasingly choosing playing with a gaming laptop rather than a desktop rig. Although the gaming desktop PC may still be considered more powerful performance-wise, gaming laptops are not that far behind in terms of specs. What’s more, they are more portable, allowing gamers to bring them practically anywhere. If you wish to buy a gaming laptop, here are some things you should be considering.

Laptop Processor

The processor will help determine the power of your gaming laptop in terms of performance. When considering a gaming laptop, getting the highest  and most recent CPU may be ideal for those who have the money to buy the most recent laptop. But for those who follow a certain budget, it is better to focus on a higher GPU than the processor.

Graphics Processor Unit

If you are after a frequent user of graphics heavy applications, then you know the importance of the graphics processor unit. It compensates for the limitations of the CPU by taking over the work for rendering graphics and taking the load off the main processor. And since gaming makes use of graphics-heavy stuff, a good GPU is essential, even more than having a topnotch main processor for your gaming laptop. NVIDIA currently provides the best performing GPU’s for gaming laptops today.

Display Screen

Aside from the size of the screen, screen response is also important for gaming. Different screen technologies offer different benefits that may or may not benefit the serious gamer. But the basic thing is that a gaming laptop should offer screens that feature faster response times. The most ideal for gaming laptops is a display screen using Twist Nematic technology that offer the shortest response times.

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